How To Prepare For Outdoor Activities; Camping And Off-Roading?

In this day and age, getting to go outdoors and experience nature alone can be deemed a privilege. This is because our daily live consists of working, commuting and working more. Unfortunately, because of the hectic lifestyle we live, we no longer seem to want to go out and enjoy nature. This is indeed a loss to living, because there is so much nature has to offer us. Despite the busy schedule, some of us find the time to go out and enjoy nature and get involved in activities which increase our adrenaline and excite us. Here are a few activities you can prepare for, to enjoy the outdoors when you get the time.

Off-roading- this can be one of the most exciting group activities you and your family/colleagues can do during the breaks. This is both experiencing nature and having fun, both in one ride. The first and foremost requirement is that you have a fully equipped and appropriate vehicle that allows you to cover ground wide and fast. Ideally, Wranglers are a great option for an off-roading vehicle. Your vehicle needs to be fully equipped in order to handle any and all situations you could be thrown into. For example, LED work lights in order to be able to see far off during the night, and even to act as a signal for other vehicles to see where you are.

In addition to the simple equipment, you would also require emergency tools such as extra oil, a jack, spare tire, an extra electrical device or a Redarc battery isolator if required, a wench, and a first aid kit to take care of people riding inside the vehicle. You must always make sure to follow trails made for your level of expertise. Hiking and camping- these are a great way to experience nature on hand and foot. Both require an immense amount of effort and dedication in order to complete. However, if you have had the taste of how fun and enjoyable spending time under the stars and away from civilisation is, you would understand why people tend to repeat camping and hiking trips.

The basic requirements you would need when camping are tents, blankets, water, first aid kit, lamps, food and anything else you would require. Hiking requires a lot of water, a map, a GPS, a first aid kit, ideally a satellite telephone and proper gear to make a difficult trek, timing is also crucial. Your camping trip and hike can be made into one depending on the camp site and hike trail; however you would have to plan well ahead of time in order to avoid any trouble.

Four Fun Weekend Getaway Ideas

Sleep in till late

The idea of sleeping in might not seem as adventurous or thrill seeking as travelling to a different part of the world or going bungee jumping but for those of you who lead a very busy lifestyle and constantly worry about closing deals and making important calls, a day that allows you to stay bundled up on your couch while binge watching a new tv show will sound like an absolute treat. 

Go camping outdoors

Be warned, this tip is not for those of you who are scared of bugs, insects, the dark or anything of that sort because all the mentioned factors are a given that comes along with the act of camping. However, for those who are adventurous and love the outdoors, camping will definitely be your cup of tea. Camping would allow you to try out many different activities such as going snapper fishing or starting your own fire. 

Embrace your creativity 

If doing adventurous activities that are so in line with the outdoors such as Port Phillip Bay fishing charters, bungee jumping or camping does not interest you, you should definitely try your hand at embracing your creativity during this time of leisure. Embracing your creativity could mean anything from starting to write that book you’ve been dreaming of writing, working on a new painting or reading a good book. 

Explore a city

When you hear these words, a thousand excuses might pop into your head related to expenses for air travel, lodging and all sorts of things but exploring a new city does not always mean that you have to fly overseas or to a popular travel destination. Exploring a city can simply start with your neighboring city so fill your gas tank to the brim and go on down to your neighboring city and you will have a few pleasant surprises waiting to greet you in the forms of new foods, friends and fun activities. 

Visit local restaurants 

Regardless of whether it’s a new or old establishment, if there is any place that you have been wanting to visit, call up a friend, put on your favorite dress and split a bottle of wine over some delicious food. Good food is a universal language that everyone speaks and understands so go out into town with some good company and enjoy exploring some of the eateries. 

Treat yourself and relax 

After all the long and hard hours of work you endure, it is very important to take some time off to kick back and treat yourself to something that you have been wanting for long whether it is an expensive dress or a tub of Ben and jerry’s ice cream.